The Boss Babe Behind the Boutique


Photo: Jessica Valiyi

Photo: Jessica Valiyi


Boss Babe. It's a term we use frequently to describe a woman who is on her grind. Who is fierce and confident in her abilities. Who never settles. Who holds herself and the people around her to the highest of standards. Who is smart and who trusts herself enough to take a leap of faith and make her own way. A boss babe is a woman who possesses the courage to build an empire and climb all the way to the top of it. 

Ashley Wilson, CEO and Owner of the Nashville-based online boutique Everest & Co. is all of those things and more. Anyone who knows Ashley knows of her insatiable desire to build something of her own. Many business ideas came to her mind as she made the journey from her hometown of Pittsburgh, PA, to Los Angeles, CA for film school and eventually to Nashville, TN to attend Belmont University.

With a minimal background in fashion, it may seem odd that the idea she ran with was an online boutique. But spotting trends and current styles comes naturally to her.

"I have no background in Fashion," Ashley laughs. "I just buy way too many clothes!"

It's the one time in life when it pays to be a shopaholic. Growing up, friends and family would compliment her outfits and ask if it was new. It was always new. And it always looked good. 

"I had this moment of 'I can do whatever I want to do in my life.'"

It was this moment that made Everest & Co. a reality for Ashley. It was a dream from a cubicle in a glass high-rise that finally came true. She came up with the name "Everest & Co" while reading blogs about successful entrepreneurs. She was inspired by a line stating, "When you're starting a business, it might seem like you're at the bottom of Mt. Everest trying to figure out how to get to the top." To compliment the name, Ashley created the hashtag #LifeAtTheTop. With her passion and drive, I have no doubt that's where she'll be.

The online store launched on July 30, 2016 with a perfectly timed, and beautifully decorated, launch party.

"I love how many people came to the launch. sometimes you lose hope in people. You think they don't support you. but everyone who camE was genuinely happy for me and really supportive."

Along with Ashley's family, her business coach Ginny, of women's boutique Vinnie Louise, has been one of her biggest cheerleaders. Throughout the process, Ginny has been a source of positive reinforcement, always making her feel like her vision was a possibility and never doubting it due to the saturation of the market. 

"To anyone considering starting a business of their own I'd say that it's a lot of work. Make sure that you want to put in the effort. You're going to be stressed and sometimes you'll feel like it was a mistake. but if you have the underlying belief in yourself and your capabilities there's no reason why you can't do it."

Since launching the boutique, Ashley has found herself to be happier and more motivated in her daily life. She describes her boutique as the one constant and her silver lining in the crazy times of her early 20s. Even after taking on a second job to help fund her venture, she's excited to invest her free time in building her business because it doesn't feel like work.

Looking forward to the the future of Everest & Co. Ashley is most excited for people to begin recognizing the "California Casual" brand and continuing to create the lifestyle she desires to have. She sees herself travelling the world and using Everest & Co. as a platform to inspire others to follow their dreams.

You can visit Everest & Co. on Instagram at @everestandcompany and shop the collection at the link below!

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